Global Restaurant Investment Forum

11-13 February 2020 – Amsterdam


11-13 February 2020 – Amsterdam

Speaker Profile

Nathalie Streng

Founder The Cold Pressed Juicery

I founded the very first cold pressed juice and raw food to-go brand in The Netherlands 4 years ago in October 2014. I started it because there was no place I could go where I could be sure that everything I bought would be really fresh. Really fresh, like it would actually start rotting and expiring after 3 to 4 days like organic fruit and vegetables are supposed to. That it would be organic, sugar free, gluten free, plant based, healthy and delicious and that I could enjoy it while on the go. We now have four locations in Amsterdam and offer a wide range of beautiful healthy products ranging from juices, to smoothies bowls, vegan soups, superfood lattes and many more fresh and healing products.

I have also always wanted to do something for the greater good and hopefully The Cold Pressed Juicery does just that. It makes people aware of what they put in their bodies, it makes people healthier, happier and more energised. I refuse to use any raw produce that are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides. So everything is 100% skal certified organic. We pay a higher price for our raw organic produce but it also means our farmers are compensated fairly as well as our planet and waters would not be polluted and the end result would be healthier people and less sickness.

One of our main goals here at The Cold Pressed Juicery is being as sustainable as we possibly can, not only in how we feed you, but also in our actions. We don’t just want to quench your thirst with green goodness, we live it too. Here are many ways on how this manifests and therefore how we help you, our neighbors, animals, nature and our home, Planet Earth.