Global Restaurant Investment Forum

24 June 2020 | GRIF Marketplace - Our virtual meeting space

24 June 2020 | GRIF Marketplace - Our virtual meeting space

Speaker Profile

Luca Baffigo

Chief Executive Officer, Eataly

Born in Roma in 1975, from a family coming from Napoli, Luca Baffigo Filangieri lived in Milan for a lot of years, carrying out liberal studies and a degree in Business Economics at Bocconi.

In 1999 he is involved in the project Missione Arcobaleno – Gestione Fondi Privati (private funds management) under Marco Vitale's charge. In 2001 he becomes partner in Vitale-Novello's office with Marco Vitale's right-hand man role: many topics managed and many projects achieved.

In 2006 Luca Baffigo gets in society with Oscar Farinetti in order to give life to Eataly's project. Eataly is an holding company where companies acting in high quality food field, from production (of many merchandise tipologies: pasta, wine, cheese, mineral water, meat, beer) to delivery are engaged. In January 2007 he leads the opening of the first Eataly in Torino. Today the company has stores in Italy, Europe, USA, Japan, Turkey, Korea, United Arab Emirate and Brasil. Since 2008 Luca Baffigo Filangieri is Eataly Distribuzione's CEO. Moreover, in the same year he became with Oscar Farinetti the owner of the estate of Fontanafredda, at Serralunga d'Alba (Cn). In 2014 he becomes partner with his wife Elisa Miroglio of Niasca Portofino project.

Luca Baffigo Filangieri lives in Alba with his wife and their 4 children.