Global Restaurant Investment Forum

24-25 May 2022 | Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel

24-25 May 2022 | Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel

Speaker Profile

Nick Morss

Technical Delivery Manager, Olam

For over 15 years I have delivered web applications for a full spectrum of clients covering eCommerce, Content Management, Intranet and bespoke solutions from Startups to Enterprise levels. I operate in multifaceted roles with a core focus on User Experience & Interface Development.

I gather requirements, document, plan and deliver productions while also engineering solutions for the experience of end users and administrators to mediate their communication requirements. I achieve this using open source to enterprise level technologies in an Agile Methodology with Continuous Delivery practices.

My semantic code consists of, Search Engine Optimised HTML and Cross Browser Compatibility CSS under a Graceful Degradation strategy. I cater for Accessibility with Progressive Enhancement and support multiple platforms following a Mobile First & Responsive design strategy while producing RIA using JQuery & Javascript.