Global Restaurant Investment Forum

24-25 May 2022 | Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel

24-25 May 2022 | Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel

Speaker Profile

Charles Banks

Co-Founder, thefoodpeople

Charles is a food and drink trendologist as well as a fourth generation foodie! He and his business thefoodpeople are passionate about staying ahead of the curve when it comes to food and beverage trends.

Charles has spent the past 25 years in the food industry working across all sectors including food service, fine dining, hotels, food brands and food retailing.

thefoodpeople, established for over 10 years, are a global trends agency, specialising in the food and beverage sector. At the heart of the business is a team of food trend spotters that are united in their passion and natural curiosity for food and drink trend spotting and their quest to understand the part that food and beverage plays in our social culture.

thefoodpeople operate globally from London and Sydney with brands, retailers, manufacturers, hotel chains, food service operators to make sense of food and beverage trends and what they mean to their business.